I am an interdisciplinary artist, and the framework of my practice is not defined in a conformist manner. The prospects of different media are continually being explored partly due to my curiosity, but also as a way of finding the shapes where my considerations can unfold favourably.


I seek to evoke identification of the person who meets my works by staging the spaces and objects that we in the everyday life find our way in or among. Some works consist of simple shifts, which in an unobtrusive manner rearrange the familiar objects. Others have a monumental nature whereby the involuntary but strikingly daily information is exposed in a more durable fashion. Occasionally one can also find works that are more awkward in their execution, and which depict everyday movements as a doubtful or unstable matter.


Some time ago, I came across an article about the Danish writer and poet Dan Turèll authored by another Danish poet Søren Ulrik Thomsen. I notice a passage in this article as this in a very fine way clarifies how I see my role as an artist:


"It absorbed me especially that Turèlls texts often were dated, so the boundary between poem and diary disappeared, this overrun signalled that a poet was not a citizen (or a high school student with an afternoon job for that matter), for whom time may be divided into tedious work and leisure without obligation but a person whose profession it simply was to be, and translate the existence into writing."


The surroundings in which I move are likewise the substance that my works are based on. This means that the circumstances around my secondary job in the service industry can be just as essential to my practice, as a comment on Facebook, or a sociological text, for instance by Zygmunt Bauman. My works can therefore be seen as fragments of the everyday life in the form of selected and tuned findings, observations, and thoughts. They are a series of notes concerning the ways in which we navigate and establish us as individuals, how we are positioning ourselves, and act in relation to the space that surrounds us. What concerns me is the nature of the value-laden frameworks we move within. The frameworks we arrange for each other and contribute to sustain.


I consider my work as minor touches that potentially can leave punctual prologues to considerations. - Considerations regarding the world that we call reality. is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation