The Efficient Administration of Life


The Efficient Administration of Life

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Single Works

Wednesday 14-10-2015


Into the Great Wide Midnight


Tears in Rain





Notice / Monument

For Lease

Forever Glinting


Glass Cube With Fingerprints

Chest of Drawers

"Naturam à vacuo abhorrere"


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Collaborative Works

Be remembered

Main Street Events

2-1/4-n/2 x 21/4-n/2

This solo exhibition was shaped of selected findings, observations and thoughts, done in the everyday sphere. This everyday material was in the individual works brought forward to make use of its potential as notes on or markers for our living conditions here and now.



Floor plan


1. Notice (Cancellation)

An A4 poster hanging in the staircase of the cooperative apartment block where I’m living is the origin of this work. The poster is turned into a brass plaque but all the text and graphics are kept. The text on plaque says: "Cancellation! Unfortunately we must cancel the anniversary celebration due to lack of attendance. Best regards The Party Committee".


2. Standing Room

In Copenhagen the city busses are partly carrying out the public transportation. In the busses you find a particular area where the standing rooms are located. In this piece, bus furniture are used to make a single standing room.


3. Tools

In this piece a broom and a shovel have been subjected to a cutting process in which a spiral pattern has been engraved on the two handles.


4. Notice (Plans of action)

Notice (Plans of action) consist of an A4 paper posters turned into brass plaque and placed on a bulletin board. The poster was originally hanging on a bulletin board located in the break room at the company where I’m working. The Danish text can be translated as follows: "Now your plans of action is ready and passed on in the system".


5. Service Report (You are obligated to maintain complete discretion)

In this work the front page of a mystery shopping report is transferred to marble. The report is generated in connection with my job in the service business. The front page of the report shows my score of 100% in the company of a smiley and some comments from my boss.

The text you seen in the detail pictures below can be translated into: “Service report, Your score: Excellent” and “BULLSEYE!!, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!”


6. 1:1

I found a simple and worn kitchen drawer in a pile of trash somewhere in my neighbourhood, and for me it almost seems like archetypal kitchen drawer from this area. In this the text 1:1 has been cut out of the bottom, and the cut pieces are placed next to the drawer.


7. Abstract Expressionism / Vinkelager 42

In this painting I panted the canvas identical to the walls in the stairwell of the block where I’m living using the same special kind of paint. The frame was likewise made just like the doorframes in the stairwell, wood panels were specially produced and painted with an identical paint.


8. Jar

The photo was taken of a random arrangement I just stumbled upon.


9. Fance

A photo of a hedge in relation to a fence.


10. Table top (Horizon)

This work consists of a table top that is made of chipboard, which is covered with a wooden like laminate. The table top is placed on the floor leaning against the wall, and on the upper part this text is engraved: At what altitude does the horizon cease to be visible? The text is the title of an article concerning physics.


11. Architecture (Ole Hagen)

The work Architecture (Ole Hagen) deals with the architect behind Denmarks tallest residential building named Domus Vista. Since I’m passing this building almost every day I began to wonder where the architect behind, Ole Hagen, had been living. I did not locate the house he spent his everyday life in but I discovered that he was the architect behind his own summerhouse. From the original drawings of the summerhouse I was able to make a 1:50 scale model of the house. In the installation the meticulous model was placed in a room together with copies of the original drawings of Domus Vista.


12. Posters (The Efficient Administration of Life)

The place where this exhibition was shown is situated in a train station, and just outside the exhibition space and in the arrival hall 15 poster frames located, and for these 15 posters were made.


The text on the four posters that shows a photo of a notice, translate into:


No. 1. “Straightforwardness, - We communicate simple and clear, - We take the confrontation when necessary”


No. 2. “People First, - We Encourage people to act, - We focus on peoples transformation competence”


No. 3. “Respect - in all relations, - We show respect for peoples diversity, - We creator valuable relations through recognition”


No. 4. “Result orientation, - We set realistic result targets, - We have a continuous focus on efficient processes, - We follow up and evaluate our efforts”


The efficient administration of life





Notice (Plans of action), 2013, bulletin board, brass and paint



Tools, 2013, broom and shovel





Service Report (You are obligated to maintain complete discretion), 2013, EUR-pallet and marble



Standing Room, 2013, fittings, coated metal pipes and strap



Notice (Cancellation), 2013, bulletin board, brass and paint



1:1, 2013, kitchen drawer


Fance, 2013, lambda print mounted on glass



Abstract Expressionism / Vinkelager 42, 2013, Canvas, acrylic, Ding Dong lacquer, wood and alkyd


Jar, 2013, inkjet print and frame



Table top (Horizon), 2013, tabletop, Print, trestles, birch plywood, linden wood and glue





Architecture (Ole Hagen), 2013, print, trestles, birch plywood, linden wood and glue


















Posters (The Efficient Administration of Life), 2013, prints is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation