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Wednesday 14-10-2015


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2-1/4-n/2 x 21/4-n/2

This installation establishes a scene of an institutional nature by letting different elements intervene in the structure of the exhibition space. A vinyl floor was laid, the facade window of the exhibition spaces was turned into a mirror, the lights sources were replaced with lamps that you are most likely to find in institutions such as schools, and in this setting different units were located. These units are presented below.



Floor plan

1. S/M/L/XL (Paint)

Two cans of paint are painted on the outer surface and placed next to each other. The surface of one can is painted with the colour, which is contented in the other can. This means that the green can contains the white paint and the white can contains the green paint.


2. S/M/L/XL (Wheel)

In this piece four support wheels are applied to an ordinary bike wheel. The support wheels are mounted by using special designed fittings that mimic mass-produced units, and they are attached so that their direction of travel is the opposite the bike wheel direction.


3. S/M/L/XL (Whiteboard)

Here a whiteboard provides the framework for print that resembles a pamphlet on how to act in urban space.


4. S/M/L/XL (Venetian Blind)

An ordinary Venetian blind is suspended from the ceiling, and all its slats have been cut short at both ends. The pieces that are cut off are placed in a pile on the floor in front of the Venetian blind, and the scissors that were used for cutting are located next to the pile.


5. S/M/L/XL (High Chair)

A prefabricated High Chair is slightly modified by having an extra adjustment position adding, between two of the original adjustment modes.


6. S/M/L/XL (Street)

This is a performances documented on video which was projected onto a portable tripod screen in the back room of the space. The video shows a man dressed in a suit, which despite constant traffic finally constructs a crosswalk by gluing A4 paper sheet on the street.





S/M/L/XL (modification of the space), 2009, Vinyl floor, chipboard, cardboard, lists, lamps and mirror




S/M/L/XL (High Chair), 2009, high chair




S/M/L/XL (Venetian Blind), 2009, Venetian blind, Venetian blind cutter, wood and paint




S/M/L/XL (Whiteboard), 2009, whiteboard, magnets and print


S/M/L/XL (Wheel), 2009, bike wheel, bike wheel, support wheels and galvanized iron



S/M/L/XL (Paint), 2009, paint cans








S/M/L/XL (Street), 2009, 32 minutes video, DVD, AV equipment is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation